Friday, February 13, 2009

Many Feathers Store

What do I talk about today? I have been thinking and my mind wandered onto my space at Sunset Center Art Mall.
I was very flattered to be invited by the artists to have a space in their gallery. I signed a 6-month lease and went to work opening my little store I called "Many Feathers". Here are some pictures of my space:

My Front Door

Looking through my front window:

Won’t you please have a seat...can I get you a cup of coffee?:

My jewelry case - I haven’t finished filling:

Entry to Sunset Art Center:

Some of my neighbors:

Each artist was responsible for decorating their own little store and I would like to say that each was cleverly done. I kept my store open for the 6-month lease period. It was then I made the decision to again retire and work only from my eBay store. I loved all of the wonderful artists I met and have remained friends with them all.

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