Friday, June 27, 2008

Quotes from Indian Chiefs and Tribes reproduced into quilt blocks

A Native American Prayer quilt block. Use as printed, or bead; it is scaled to a #11 seed bead. There are 60 different Native American Quotes of Tribes and Chiefs in my eBay store.

Native American Quilt Blocks

Cigarette Cards (1910) reproduced for quilt blocks

These are reproductions of old cigarette cards dated 1910, which I have reproduced onto 100% cotton unbleached muslin squares. Visit my Fabric Fotos store where I have more in the Native American Quilt Blocks Department.

Native American Quilt Blocks

Tobacco Cards (1888) reproduced for quilt blocks

These quilt blocks are enlarged reproductions of tobacco cards that were placed in cigarette packages to prevent them from being crushed. There are 50 Old Indian Chiefs from cards dated 1888, which I have reproduced into 6x8 inch 100% cotton unbleached muslin squares.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Hello and welcome to my blog. I’ll introduce myself first by telling you that I am Charlene, a registered member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma. My Father was Choctaw and my Mother was White. So, I am kinda like the adage pertaining to a glass of water, "half full or half empty". I choose to say, "I am half full of Choctaw, and half empty of White. I have five children, fourteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. My two great loves are Indian crafts and quilting.

I was born many winters ago (Indians referred to years as winters) in Bokchito, Oklahoma. Bokchito is a Choctaw word meaning "deep creek". Oklahoma is also a Choctaw word which means "red people". There are many towns in Oklahoma with Choctaw names. My great-great grandfather was a survivor of the Trail of Tears (the Indian removal to Indian Territory) which occurred during the years of 1831 and 1834. I am very lucky to be able to trace my Native American heritage from 1750.

Here is a picture of me in my Plains Indian buckskin dress which I made:

When Madoline Albright was Secretary of State, she started a program, "Embassies in Art". One of my buckskin dresses was chosen to be exibited for 3 years.

I had a retail quilt shop at one time. Hanging on the wall is a quilt of my Native American version of Sunbonnet Sue.

Now, to tell you what I do. I love selling on eBay, which I have been doing since July, 2000.

If I have a specialty, it is Storybook Quilts and/or Storybook quilt blocks. I received a patent on a process I developed for printing onto fabric using a copier or printer (Patent #4,724,468). I collect old books and vintage greeting cards that belong to the Public Domain (and are copyright free), and reproduce them onto fabric for quilt blocks.

Additionally, I like to make Native American regalia, moccasins, and other crafts. You can see all of these items by clicking on the navigation bar on the left side of my eBay store.

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