Thursday, April 30, 2009

More About the Holabi Rosettes

I have a kinda funny story to tell regarding my new idea - the Holabi rosettes. I had a Buyer purchase some of them and he sent me an email stating that he thought his wife would like them to sew on to her jeans. Of course it pleased me that he bought them....then it occurred to me:

Normally jeans are washed and dried in the dryer. I suddenly was concerned so I stopped what I was doing; got a pair of my jeans and sewed a Holabi rosette on the leg. I just laid it over the front of the leg, sewing it to the front and back of the leg. It was too hard to do it on just the front.

I put it in the washing machine, with soap, on "regular wash" and washed it. I was holding my breath when I took them out after the full cycle had run. I was pleasantly surprised that it looked o.k. after the wash.

Then I put it in the dryer and dried it on the regular cycle...and again to my surprise, it looked o.k. I was afraid the leather would shrink and the glitter would come off. But neither happened. I am sending pictures of the washed and dried Holabi rosette.

Now, I may suggest that they can be used to decorate jeans. The next thing I have to do is take it off of the leg that I sewed together so that I can wear my jeans.

This was taken while it was still wet.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Dear Blog

Dear Blog:

Have you been missing me? I have been so very busy that I have neglected you. I decided that I must visit you today. I just recently received the status of "Power Seller" in eBay and it has taken all of my spare time this past two weeks to maintain that status.

Here are some things I have been working on:

Medicine bags; Deerskin clothing, purses and moccasins.

To me the most exciting item is the Holabi Rosettes that I have created and am getting ready to list. Holabi, in the Choctaw language, means "false" or "lie". The reason I chose this name for my rosettes is that they are just printed designs that I originally created for beading, but I have not beaded them. I didn't want to use the word "faux", a French word, to label a Native American item. I printed them and painted a fine layer of glitter paint over them that makes them sparkle and look like they are beaded. Here's a sample and how I used them:

To me, this is helpful for Mothers and Grandmothers, like myself, who want their children to have beautiful Native American regalia, but cannot afford the time or money to create them. Also, they are great for just about anyone to embellish their Native American clothing.

Well, I have spent about as much time as I can spare for today. I will try to post more often.

Please visit my eBay store for other Native American items.
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