Monday, October 19, 2009

My New Friend

I forgot to tell you about my new friend. His name is Jet and is a year-old lab. I adopted him at the Animal Shelter in May and at first I had a few problems with him. He would not get in my car, I had to lift him and put him in. He seemed afraid and shy.

But things have changed since then. I can't get ready to leave without him wanting to go with me. He jumps in and enjoys going to the post office with me. He is rather spoiled...he will only get out of my car at the door he is closest to. Sometimes I have to go around the car and open the other door and then he will get out.

He follows me every where I go in my house...just like a shadow. Here's Jet:

BB's Birthday

I have been extremely busy lately revising/updating my eBay store and have neglected my blog. My little Great Granddaughter had a birthday in August and I just have to show you what I made her - a little buckskin dress and moccasins made like the big girls wear: