Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back In Time

When I started my blog, my thoughts were on my latest obsession, which was ACEO cards. I am going to backtrack to the year 1980 and fill in some gaps. Because my husband’s business was drilling for oil, I lived in a small, sleepy town, Spearman, in the panhandle of Texas-the flashing star.

Even though I had five children, I was a bored housewife and my busy husband, to pacify me, allowed me to do what I wanted to. My first project was to restore and receive historical markers on two old buildings, which were the only two buildings left of the original town. The town of Spearman had been moved to a new location when the railroad was built in 1898. These old building had basically become wino flophouses. I opened businesses in each of these old buildings - one was Saks 3rd Ave., and the other the Bulls’ Inn.

My plans are to add to my blog daily.

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Tessa said...

Char, you are one amazing lady. A real mover and shaker...and so brim-full of talent and creativity. Wonderful post, absolutely wonderful.